Aspects Of The Access To Meteorological Data

National And International Aspects Of The Access To Meteorological Data - a discussion, with links, from Univ. Koeln, Germany (in English)

WMO Resolution 40

WMO Resolution 40 Cover Letter, GENEVA, 26 October 1995

Text of WMO Resolution 40 - WMO policy and practice for the exchange of meteorological and related data and products including guidelines on relationships in commercial meteorological activities

Additional Data and Products

The official listing of Data and Products listed as Additional (that is there are restrictions on the use
of such data) may be found in the WMO Operational Newsletters.
These are issued monthly (11 issues a year) and contain all the updated material
relating to operational meteorology. Just click the link below to access the information.

WMO Operational Newsletters issued in 2004

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