Climatic Data For The British Isles

Data of these types are usually made available on the internet for non-commercial use. Should you require such data for commercial purposes, you are strongly advised to contact the data supplier; the onus rests on the user to satisfy him/herself that accessing this data does not violate any rules / regulations laid down by the supplier.

This page has a comprehensive listing of applicable sites - please inform us of any sites which are not listed here.

Individual Stations

Channel Islands


Multiple Stations

Monthly Returns - few British & Irish stations; most foreign (from individual contributers, via University of Reading, UK)
Scotland - a selection of stations - on this site
UK Station Averages & Extremes - many official stations (via WeatherWashington Post, Washington D.C., USA)

Other Climatic Data

Atmospheric Variables Plotting Page - data 1980 to present (from the NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center, USA)
Climate Report for the Northern Hemisphere - published monthly (from the Institute for Meteorology at the Free Universtity Berlin, Germany) (in English)
Past European SFLOC (Sferic Location) Data (since March 1998) - on this server - available as monthly ZIPped files, with each ZIPped file containing daily SFLOC files (from TORRO, Great Britain)

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