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Please note that the existence of any software, sample output and/or software link on The UK Weather Information Site does not necessarily constitute a recommendation. Such resources are included purely as they may be of particular interest given that some are able to process the raw data made available on or via this site.

by Colin Tandy

(updated September 2005)


Since 1988 I have developed a wide range of weather data processing plotting programs and these have recently been completed revised for Windows XP using Visual Basic 6 . However it will run on previous versions of Windows .My career originally started in Meteorology but this was followed by 25 years in computing which has given me the combined skills to produce professional software to a very high standard.

As well as access to data the programs give access to a number of weather sites throughout the world. Data can be downloaded using a set timer, or requested for immediate download. This means that data can be received unattended continuously at the set times..

The suite of programs has the ability to download SYNOP, METAR and UPPER AIR data, sort it, and produce maps and graphs according to a detailed menu available to the user.This sorting is now completely automatic and as triggered off once the data is received.The data is sorted into synop station number country order. The sort option reduces the processing time by half for European users — Ships are sorted at the end..

The programs can be used worldwide as the centre of the map and scale can be set by the user.

There are also extract programs to extract one SYNOP or METAR station from a sequence of files. The programs can be used worldwide as the centre of the map and scale can be set by the user . SYNOP maps can also be produced automatically in receipt of the data according to criteria set up in a user defined table.

Programs have been developed to produce surface maps from the SYNOP and METAR observations and to plot TEPHIGRAMS from the upper air reports. This data is readily available for private use via the internet, but METEOVB6 can also be used with most sources of data
available to the commercial user.

Although the products have been carefully tested and the products are thought to meet high professional standards they should not be regarded as a substitute for the more formal weather briefings required for aviation purposes. The user should also undertake his own acceptance test to confirm that the product meets his standards.

Versions of these programs have been in use commercially for over ten years and there are also many private users. They meet the standards required by professional forecasters.

Sample maps
Some sample maps using a pervious version of the programs can be viewed:     View sample maps
These may be shortly updated to reflect the current versions.

The standard set of programs are now sold as a package for £75 to private users and schools. Commercial users will need to negotiate a price according to the number of users and its application.

System Requirements
Windows XP or 98 is essential for all the programs as they are written in Visual Basic version 6 - they will NOT work under Windows 3.1. All are in colour. The screen resolution should be at least 800 x 600 pixels. Hardware criteria for Windows XP/98 must also be observed with a preference for 250 Mb of RAM and 500 Mb of disk storage. The programs are provided on a CD and are installed using standard Microsoft install software.

Additional information
For additional information, there is an article in the October 1997 of the Royal Meteorological Society's magazine Weather.

Data Sources
Data for the programs can be obtained from The UK Weather Information Site in ZIPped form, or from COD, Albany or Florida universities. There is no data available using the old RTTY systems as these have been discontinued and METEOVB6, unlike previous systems does not provide RTTY communications. These sites are specified in the program.

The copyright of METEOVB6 and its documentation is held by C.D.Tandy who is the sole distributer. These programs may not be copied to third parties without the permission of the copyright owner.The right of Colin Tandy to be identified as the author of thes programs has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1994.

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