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Please note that the existence of any software, sample output and/or software link on The UK Weather Information Site does not necessarily constitute a recommendation. Some resources are included because they may be of particular interest given that some are able to process the raw data made available on or via this site.

Surface, Ship & Upper Air Plotting Software

By Andrew Jeffreys

By Colin Tandy (Kenley, Surrey) - Information re Colin Tandy's products now updated (28th September 2005).

METEOVB6 is a comprehensive software package designed to cater both for the professional meteorologist and the private enthuisist. The package is very comprehensive mapping both surface and upper air observations, producing graphs and also providing the ability to extract data from files for analysis purposes. With a broadband internet connection data collection is completely automatic and surface maps can be produced completely automatically using a user defined map table — more details

Weather Graphics Technologies (Norman, Oklahoma & Garland, Texas, USA)


Mark Cresswell (University of Liverpool, UK)

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